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Empower Your Educational Community with Three Complete Functionalities in One Application:
each providing real-time actionable data for decision-making

Galileo is uniquely designed to empower teachers as educators, students as learners, administrators as leaders, and parents as partners. Galileo is a complete and fully integrated, standards-based system supported by ATI’s Partnership Model and state-of-the art research program. The system provides an extensive array of integrated, intuitive curriculum, assessment, instructional effectiveness, communication, and reporting tools for everyone in your educational community. Innovations accessed through Galileo include the comprehensive assessment system, Digital Curriculum Platform with one-click lesson planning tools, Galileo Dashboard reporting with actionable data at your fingertips, and the Galileo K-12 Student-Parent Center with focus on student assignment/assessment activity and communication between educators and their students and student parents. Together, these innovations can effectively support best practices in teaching, high levels of student growth and achievement, effective collaboration and communication, and proactive parent and student engagement.

Galileo Offers Outstanding Value and Cost Savings

Galileo provides three complete technology entities in one integrated application backed by responsive support and customized professional development. Integrating a complete assessment system along with a Digital Curriculum Platform and Instructional Effectiveness technology all in one application supports ease of information access and use while saving the district staff time.

Implement any one or any combination of the components to support local educational initiatives. Contact an ATI Field Services Coordinator to learn more about ATI services and Galileo innovative responsive design technology. Detailed pricing information can be found on the order form.

Ask Us About Our Support and Professional Development

We know flexibility is key and that is why we have created both on-site and web-based professional development options for initial implementation and long-term success. Our Professional Development team offers a wealth of resources including the NEW on-site professional development and consultation series , complimentary Learning on Demand live and recorded webinars, short and topic-focused video tutorials, Quick Reference Guides, manuals, and robust Help Files. Contact our Professional Development team today to learn more or schedule a session.

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